The Making Of The Perfect Storm: Dealing With Consequences Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Life does not always deliver perfect weather conditions for a perfectly serene evening at a beach. We often find ourselves in the middle of a stormy sea, desperately searching for answers to a barrage of questions raging in our minds. Some storms are short-lived and some appear to have no end in sight.
At the perfect timing, while I was in a middle of one furious storm, my son’s science lesson on superstorms taught me the most valuable lesson of all – to fully trust God while remaining in the eye of the storm…


Sexual Abuse: A Journey to Complete Surrender

How do I start writing again after being silent for almost two months?

This has been the question plaguing my mind for the past few days…


A Christian Response To Pastor Roger Jimenez: To Judge Or Not To Judge

Last Sunday people across the world heard of the evil that took 49 lives and wounded 53 human beings in Orlando, Florida.

Two days later media outlets reported on a local Sacramento pastor who praised the attacks, preaching a polar opposite of what I and thousands of other local believers were feeling…


Kent Hovind Is Not Your Savior. JESUS IS!

If you grew up in the Slavic community, the name “Doctor Dino” or “Kent Hovind” most likely is very familiar to you.

When I was a teenager, my parents acquired a VHS set of “Dr.” Kent Hovind’s seminars, perhaps in hopes that his lectures would provide a solid foundation of knowledge against the evolutionist teachings of the public school system…


Humble Yourself

I probably already lost at least half of you with the title of this post.

Who likes to read anything remotely related to words like “humble” and “humility?”


Домашнее Насилие И Христианство

На сегодняшний день многие Славяне проживающие в США осведомлены о душераздирающей истории, происшедшей с молодой и красивой женщиной, которая покинула этот мир, став жертвой домашнего насилия.
Многие Славяне, живущие в Америке, ознакомились с именем этой молодой женщины, посетив страницу GoFundMe, распространённую в социальной сети Фейсбук.

Я не была знакома с Любой.

Возможно я никогда бы с ней и не познакомилась, если бы её жизнь на этой земле не была так скоропостижно и трагически прервана.

Очень жаль, что обстоятельства, которые заставили нас узнать о Любе Савенок оказались именно таковы, и, что Люба стала жертвой домашнего насилия…