2017 – A Year Of Renewed Purpose

I must have written at least 10 different starting paragraphs for this blog post.

Each sentence was carefully thought out.

Each sentence lost its importance as soon as it made its way onto the screen.

There is some significance to me disclosing to you the painstaking process of writing this particular post, so, please, bear with me…

We live in a society that markets everything.




From toilet paper to hair products. From underwear to outerwear. From chocolate chip cookies to fancy dinners. The “best” dietary supplements. The “best” toys for children. The “best” and the latest technology. The “best” beauty products. The “best” services, etc. In short, the “best” of everything that can be found under the sun. The list can take an entire 1,000 word blog post!

Everyone and everything is vying for your attention.

You are the consumer.

What makes something attractive to you? What makes you want to buy a certain thing? What makes you want to read something? What is that coveted button everyone wants to push? What is important to YOU?

Upon deleting my 10th paragraph, it struck me that I was doing the exact same thing: Marketing my thoughts, or purposefully attempting to make them more attractive in order to draw you, the reader, in.

It suddenly dawned on me that I have turned into one of those pesky ads you see on TV, tune out on the radio, or try your best to ignore on your Facebook feed.

You see, the original and the only reason I started writing this blog was because I strongly believed God wanted me to speak about what was on my heart.

There was a burden on my heart to openly share my struggles, in hopes that at least one person would be encouraged by this blog.

I honestly didn’t care about how many people would read it. I didn’t care about what people thought of it. I didn’t care about whether people agreed with me or not.

I only cared about what God thought of me and what He wanted me to do…

When and, most importantly, how did it turn into this thing where I morphed into someone who cares about people’s opinions more than God’s?

On another hand, the morphing process of how we all turn to these attention-seeking beings is inconsequential right now. And it’s really quite simple, so I’ll spare you the gruesome details.


That’s it.

Quite simple.

My first reaction upon acknowledging my attention-seeking behavior was to blame the well-meaning strangers who criticized me and friends who have said some hurtful things in response to some of the posts in the past, whether publicly or privately.

My subsequent reaction was to think twice, no, 100 times about how to write something in a more appealing way in the future, so as to not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I started to over analyze the post titles and the starting paragraphs. Were my posts too long or too short? Were they cleverly worded? Were they overly serious or were they lacking substance?”

And then I dropped some difficult topics altogether, afraid hearing another “you are just trying to look for attention.”

Other burning topics/issues were put aside for personal reasons.

I should also note that there were several weeks (even months) when I didn’t feel like writing, simply because I was searching for answers to some very tough questions. The go-to excuse was that I didn’t want to confuse anyone with my questions and didn’t want to leave anyone discouraged.

This leads me to the most important part of this post:

Identifying the purpose of this blog and setting clear expectations of what it’s not going to be.

  • If you are looking for a blog that gives you the warm fuzzies, this is not that kind of a blog (although I may be occasionally inspired to write a post related to the adventurous life with my kiddos and/or the love of my life, i.e. my husband)
  • The main purpose of this blog has always been to speak the truth in love and it will remain as such. If I fail in this area, please, feel free to call me out on it. I am serious.
  • I cannot stand hypocrisy. For that reason, in the past, I chose to abstain from writing anything, especially during periods of spiritual searching for answers. Some posts were written after the search for answers was over, like the HRM (Hebraic Roots Moovement) posts.
  • In the future, I may choose to write about something I am questioning or searching at the moment. The benefits to this are two-fold: 1). someone else may be going through the same spiritual search and it would help him/her to know that he/she is not alone.  2) “Iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17) and I may ask for comments from you on the topic at hand.
  • Theology and apologetics are what stirs my heart, so expect lots of posts in these areas.
  • I will not pretend that I know everything or that I have everything “figured out” in regards to theology and apologetics. Far from it! But I simply can’t get rid of the insatiable desire to learn more.
  • Some topics of interest for the future are: Cessationism vs. Continuationism, Calvinism vs Arminianism, OSAS (once saved always saved), Law vs Grace (HRM, legalism), Replacement Theology, Atheism, Christianity vs other religions, Parenting, Homeschooling, God’s Goodness in the Midst of Pain and Suffering, God’s Will for Healing (spiritual and physical).
  • You may also see some book reviews on authors such as Ravi Zacharias, Michael L. Brown, and John MacArthur.
  • I will try my best to write more often (maybe one post per week?) Presently, it’s a bit of a challenge, but I will try nevertheless.
  • If you get bothered by the fact that I am a woman writing about these topics/issues, I simply ask that you avoid any unpleasant feelings by not reading this blog.

Now that I have attempted to clearly define the purpose of this blog, for those of you who are not put off and will not “unsubscribe,” are there any other faith-related topics of interest you would want to see covered in the future? Or am I completely off the mark in your honest opinion? As to the latter question, your answer won’t affect me. I’m only curious.

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