A Simple Father’s Day Letter

Every Father’s Day I seem to have a reoccurring dilemma: Finding that special present. One that would really touch your heart…

Not another dress shirt or a tie. Not another tool for your tool box. Not another tea mug or picture frame for your work desk.

Although I know that you do appreciate all of the above, simply because “it’s the thought that counts,” I want to write this simple letter to you, my husband, and the father of my children…

This Father’s Day I think about how utterly blessed our kiddos are to have you as their dad.

They do not fully recognize the magnitude of the blessing of you being their father just yet. But one day they will…


One day they will look back and remember all the “simple” things – simple things that you may not even believe are a big deal.

All of those horseback rides you gave them around our living room.

Endless games of house basketball tournaments with our son.

Reading 10 toddler books to our daughter every night.

Intently listening to stories of their adventures which took place during the day while you were at work, although all you want to do is take a nap.

Coaching our son to ride his bicycle without training wheels in one day.

Making those pony tails for our daughter, the “ladybug look” no one else can reproduce no matter how much they try.

Oh, yes… They will remember…


Do you know why these simple things are the most important things in their mind? Because children translate all of these simple things into love. They know that you love them because you show them love by these simple things.

And my heart is overflowing, thinking about how truly blessed our children are to have you.

Not only because you show them real fatherly love, but because you show them who our Heavenly Father is.

THAT is the most priceless gift a father can ever give to his children. And our children receive that gift every day…

So, when you face another mundane day at work, know that you are very much loved and appreciated.

Know that your role as a father is priceless and irreplaceable. Know that every encouraging word you say, and every simple thing that you do for our children, builds their character in a way that can only be built by a loving father.


My hope is that with this letter I am able to convey what I do not say often enough to you.

Most importantly, is that I love all of your traits that make you a one-in-a-billion husband and father I hoped for and prayed for years ago.

Precious memories are stored in my heart as I watch you do all the simple things. Memories of you cradling our babies and soothing them to sleep. Memories of you changing countless numbers of diapers, giving them baths, cleaning up their messes as they learn independence and develop creativity…

I could go on and on forever with a long list of things you do without hesitation, without thinking twice about whether these things are “the responsibilities of a mother.”

So, as we celebrate fathers on this Father’s Day, I hope you remember that you are a God-sent blessing to our children.

I hope that this Father’s Day you remember that none of the simple things you do are forgotten, but that all of the simple things you do build the characters of the next generation.

Most importantly, you are their first real and tangible example of our Heavenly Father’s essence.

And I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving and praise to my Father for bringing us together and giving us the responsibility of raising His sons and daughters for His Kingdom.

Happy Father’s Day, love.

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