A Tribute To Moms

Mother’s Day.  A time of reflection and a time to honor all the mothers in the world, who selflessly give all to their precious sons and daughters…

Moms – you matter.

Despite what you may hear other people say, or what you may even say to yourselves, YOU MATTER.

Every word. Every gesture. Every look. Every little action. All of what you do or don’t do shapes and molds your child…

A few days ago, while my husband was away on a three-day business trip, I had to go with the kids to our local grocery store first thing in the morning. We were out of milk, and our kids love their cereal for breakfast. My son and my daughter were both grumpy (who likes going to the store with an empty stomach?). My son, who is five, was whining the entire trip. I was praying for patience, praying to remain calm, and praying for wisdom. All I wanted to do was to say, “Stop whining! You are a big boy now! Don’t you see how you make it even harder for me? Be a man!”

As we left the store, one of the grocery bags I was carrying hit my son on the legs, as I was holding my crying two-year-old in one arm and the grocery bags in my other. My son turned and screamed, “mom, you hit me!”

It took all of the “Lord, help me” prayers I was saying in the store times 10 to remain calm and to wait for the Lord to give me wisdom.

As I was buckling in my son into his booster seat, I was explaining to him, in simple terms, about how we all need grace. He needs grace. I need grace. We all need grace.

And I said the word “discipline” in the middle of the conversation. (I do not remember exactly how this word came up in the midst of the continuing crying of my two-year-old daughter). But I clearly remember the following response from my son: “mom, you are destroying me.”

I was confident that my son was using the word without understanding its true meaning. However, as I tried to explain the meaning of “destroying” vs “disciplining” to my son, while tending to my inconsolable two-year-old daughter, I said, “what I and your daddy are always trying to do, is to build you up. And we always pray for God to help us with that.”

“So, mom, you are building me up like the wooden building blocks?”

The significance of what he said hit me full force.


Yes, all that we do as mothers, has the potential to either destroy or to build up. Every word. Every action. Everything we do or don’t do. Just like when we build up a tower with wooden building blocks. We can even successfully build a tall tower, but take one block close to the foundation out and down falls the entire tower…

So, to all the selfless mothers in the world: Thank you for building us up. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for all that you have done to raise mighty sons and daughters of God. Thank you for all that you are doing in the midst of life’s hardships. Thank you for all that you will do for children that have not even been born yet…


You matter.

To the working mother, who finds herself crying as she leaves her babies to go to work/school, putting her trust in the Lord that He will keep her children safe while she is not there: I pray that you will be comforted, knowing that the God “who never sleeps nor slumbers” watches over your kids day and night and “keeps them from all harm” (Psalm 121).

To the frazzle-haired, stressed-out, worn-out, mom who has neglected taking care of herself because there is just not enough time in the day, and taking care of your kids is more important than pampering yourself at the beauty salon: You are not alone. Despite what the world tells you, (that you always have to look like an Orange County wife), your children will think you are the most beautiful mom in the world, even when you are wearing sweatpants, have a hair bun and no makeup. Because you love them. And you give your all to them.


To the mom who carries a responsibility of caring for a child with a disability: I cannot express in words what I feel when I see you taking care of all of your child’s needs. I hear no complaining from you. I see only boundless love. And I see God. You may never know the lessons you teach me, as you go on doing what you may feel are ordinary things… Thank you. I pray that the next time I see you, I will make sure I give you a big hug and describe in words just how much you inspire me…

To the woman who dreams of being a mom and whose heart is full of deep anguish on Mother’s Day, because you have not been able to have a child for years. Forgive us (other moms) who may have been insensitive to your feelings and said things to you that only made you feel worse. We really do not know what you are going through as yet another pregnancy test shows negative… I pray that the Lord will comfort you, as he comforted Hannah, Rebekah, Rachel, Sarah, and Elizabeth.

To the single mom who carries all of life’s burdens by herself and has no one to share them with: You have so much on your shoulders. As you face another battle and yet another trial, I pray that you will receive supernatural strength and wisdom from the Father, who gives to all who ask. I pray that our Father will fulfill all your needs and the needs of your children. I pray that you will be able to cast all your fears and anxiety on Him, because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).


To the mom who is going though the pain of losing a child: this day must be especially difficult for you, as you are surrounded by reminders everywhere you go… You may have lost your child in a miscarriage, before even experiencing your baby’s movements. You may have lost a young child and miss his or her hugs and hearing “I love you mom.” You may have lost a son or daughter who was already an adult… The loss is excruciatingly painful no matter how young or old your child was… I pray that you may be comforted by these words: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18). I ask you to forgive us for being insensitive to your loss, saying well-meaning but hurtful things like, “It must have been God’s will. He never gives us more than we can handle. All things work together for good of those who trust in him.” I pray that the Lord will comfort you like no one else can. I pray that His spirit flows through you like oil and fills you with peace beyond human understanding…


To mothers of our husbands everywhere: thank you for doing such an amazing job of raising godly men. I especially thank my mother-in-law for raising a man who is my husband and a father to my children. You have shaped his character and instilled in him the godly values that make him the man he is today. I cannot thank you enough for teaching him that there is no such thing as “woman’s only work” around the house. Although you may think I stole him from you, there will always be a special place in his heart for you. And I am not jealous. Because I would want my son to always have a special place in his heart for me. Thank you mom!.. As Ruth loved Naomi, so I pray that all of us will love our husbands’ mothers. Instead of competing with them for love, I pray that we will just recognize that they will always remain their moms. Moms who carried them for nine months, moms who kissed their tears away, moms who stayed up all night worrying for them, and moms who gave them away to their brides…


And finally to my own mom: I remember the words that always used to annoy me. “Once you become a mother you will understand.” Today I want to say, forgive me, mom. Forgive me for often misunderstanding your actions and your words. Forgive me for all the hurtful words I have said to you so many times, while being angry with the curfew rules or being simply rebellious… Yes, mom. I understand now… Although I wish there was a magical eraser that would give me the ability to erase all the angry and hurtful words from the past, I know that the only thing I can do is ask you to forgive me. As a mother, I also know that the apology is not needed, and that you have forgiven me the moment I uttered those words… That’s what a mother’s love is…


Mom, I thank you for raising me to be the woman that I am today. I thank you for the many prayers brought before God’s throne on my behalf. I thank you for your wise counsel and guidance in the matters of the heart. I thank you for teaching me valuable life lessons. I thank you for teaching me my value as a young woman and for your encouragement to not settle for anything less than God’s perfect will. I owe so much to you, my mom, the one who carried me for nine months and the one whose heartbeat I know more closely than anyone else… Mom, as you read this, know that happy tears are flowing down my face. Because I am overwhelmed with a plethora of emotions, thinking about all that you have done for me… Most of all, I am thankful for the faith you have exemplified in your own life – a faith in God that is alive. I always wanted to have that kind of faith as I watched you handle all that life brought your way. I desired to have God talk to me as He talked to you. So even when I rebelled and rejected my faith, deep down I knew that there is a God and that He is real. Because I watched you as a child and you showed Him to me… I pray that I will be such an example to my own children.

I love you, mom…

Happy Mother’s Day!

As I finished writing this post, I was reminded about mothers that are no longer with us. I thought about those who do not have their moms nearby and cannot wish their moms a Happy Mother’s Day. These mothers are deeply missed… “Memories eternal” as Michael, one of my readers, lovingly reminisced about his mom… I cannot even begin to imagine the world without my mom. Thank you for this reminder, Lord: To cherish our moms while they are still with us. And yes, Michael, we will have your mom’s famous ‘chicken cordon bleu’ at the glorious reunion at the feet of Jesus!

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