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I am first a daughter of God, saved by His grace and by faith alone. I am also a wife, a mother to now three precious children, a homeschool teacher, a nurse, and an amateur writer.

A daily devotional time of praying and reading God’s Word is my priority, although there is a continuous struggle to get up in the mornings, prior to my children being awake. This has become especially challenging with a new baby in our family.
Jesus brought me out of a continuous cycle of wretchedness and depravity and all I want to do is worship Him forever!

In my spare time I love reading books about Christian apologetics. I also enjoy composing my own music on the baby grand piano given to me by my husband. However, most of my time is spent loving on and raising our kiddos. Being a mom is my primary mission field and I take this God-given responsibility very seriously.

Before I met my dear and amazing husband, I lived with, (I want to say “My Big Fat Russian Family”), my family of ten. We immigrated to the US in 1993 from a small country called Georgia, south of Russia. I was twelve and had a much more difficult time learning English than my younger siblings. Today many people still notice an accent, which is not going anywhere, I guess.

Growing up in a new country had its own difficulties and issues. Russian literature and writing were my favorite subjects in the school I left, and I began keeping a diary. First, the diaries were written in Russian and gradually I switched over to English. I still have these valuable possessions and hope to give them to my daughters when they are old enough, God willing. That is if they would want them. ?

These diary entries are stories of a girl struggling to find her place in this world. Just another girl with hopes and shattered dreams that were only known to a journal and to the One who created her. So many mistakes… So many disappointments… So much despair… If only that girl had known Jesus the way I know Him now!

Renewed and Transformed… God gave me a heart for the lost. I see so many people in need of redemption… I see so many young people struggling as I have struggled… I see so many fellow Christian believers losing the fire as I have lost it before… I want to get to know them and I hope these pages will serve one purpose: May God use my weakness to show His greatness. May He use these stories of a renewed and transformed heart for His glory.


“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek (Gentile).” Romans 1:16

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  1. Having faith is extremely crucial in my humble opinion. Regardless of what the title of our faith is, I believe in humanism first and foremost. This unification and bond which amalgamates us all is particularly what interests me the most and it’s through this mechanism that I am able to connect with all regardless of their respective set of beliefs. I respect your spiritual, theological, and lived experiences which is what makes you into who you are today. That girl you spoke of in your writing is exactly the way she was meant to go through life in order for her to be who she is today. Thank you so much for sharing and for your transparency, Tanya.

  2. Just so you know…..research has shown that ANYONE who moves to a new country after the age of 11 will always have an accent for their entire life. Speech therapists say that is due to the muscles in your mouth forming to speak your original language. And not being able to change those muscles after a certain age. I have observed this to be true for those that I know. So give yourself grace and mercy. Accents are delightful !!

  3. I have read a few of your writings and really enjoyed them. Thank you for opening up and sharing what God is doing in your life. I really enjoy hearing how others see Him working and changing in their lives. Blessings and love to you sweet sister in Christ.

    1. Thank you, Kelley. I really enjoyed hearing about about what the Lord has been doing in your life as well! So blessed to have met you and look forward to seeing more of God moving through you! Praying blessings on your ministry!

  4. Hi Tanichka! I’m very happy that you are helping people learn about God! I’m so happy God blessed our family with you… PS @sergey I know her and she isn’t trying to be famous!

  5. Connecting with you through your writing. I am a 1.5 immigrant from Mexico. By God’s grace I, a 4th generation Bapitst from Mexico, met my husband in a Baptist Seminary and married a 3rd generation Baptist. We now serve God and others in Kiev, Ukraine. Without the language I was there, together with you, strugglig to stay “non-fitting” to the American culture. I survived!

  6. Tanya,
    I wish you were a little honest about your nationality before demonizing Slavic community. Georgia is not Russia, you are Georgean by nationality, different country, different language and history, therefore you have no moral right to speak of the whole community in such tone. I almost wonder how much you got paid for this back stab ? I have no hate for you, only disappointment for you misleading Americans, and they don’t even know your roots and hate that your have for Russians. After all, I seriously doubt that you are a true Christian, at least for one little reason: disrespect was never a quality of a true Spirit, and lack of humbleness with wisdom, but you sure became popular…. Congratulations you won fame, but what about your soul?

    1. Sergei, to be a Christian is to accept Christ as a personal Savior, not to be perfect. We are not perfect and our righteousness comes from God not “our doing” or not doing. There are many instances where Jesus seemed to be disrepcful of people. He told in one ocasion “the man you sleep with is not your husband”. That is truth yet in the eyes of some, disrespectfu. In your post one can read unger and lack of love. I am not Slavic at all, yet I know hundreds of Slavic in Sacramento that go to the Baptist conservative churches and that have children that have “left the faith”. You do not need to be Slavic or not Slavic to see the issue here. Any sociologist, therapist, and simple statistics will show this trend. It is a fact, not a result of someone being paid. Educate yourself so that you can join her, me, others in helping some nominal Baptist and some that have left the faith, return to the only one that can give life and life abundantly.

    2. Sergey, I thought and prayed about responding to you. I hope that my response will come at you as I mean it – with love, honesty, and respect towards your own opinions.

      You live in the US but still identify yourself as either Russian or Ukrainian, right? Did you even think of a possibility that my family lived in Georgia but are Russian/Ukrainian? I never spoke Georgian, although I wished I did. The school classes were all in Russian. Russian WAS the primary language…

      Another little piece of information: I am half Russian and half Ukrainian. My parents decided to live in Georgia after they were married. I love all people – Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Mexicans, Americans, etc. ALL PEOPLE are God’s children. Does the race or culture really matter to God?

      Blessings and love,

    3. She doesn’t hate russians or the russian church… and you cannot judge her soul and if she is a true christian or not that is for God to see. Shes just showing what is going on in the churches. Anybody who has common sense could see what is going on in the churches.

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