Biblical Basis for God’s Will on Healing

If it is God’s will to heal all the time, then why don’t we see all get healed?

What about Job?

What about Trophimus and Timothy in the New Testament?

What about Paul himself? His thorn in the flesh?

And what of the fact that we don’t see healing happen all the time?


Moving Beyond Debate: Is It God’s Will To Heal All The Time?

Is it God’s will to heal all the time?

For most of my life as a born-again believer, my answer was always a resounding “NO!”

In fact, even as a little girl growing up in a Christian household, I believed that God, in His sovereign will, chose to heal some and not others.

This was life as I observed it.

This was my experience…


Is It God’s Will To Heal All The Time?

How do we know what is God’s will in regards to healing?

Is it God’s will to heal all the time?

These were two of the most pressing questions on my heart a few years ago…


Total Depravity vs Free Will: Questions For Calvinists – Part 2

Many of you may be wondering why I am touching such a controversial and painful issue within Christianity.

I do not deny the fact that this topic has been debated for hundreds of years, by learned scholars who devoted their entire lives to either defending Calvinism or arguing against it.

So, is my intent to stir up more debate and create more division?

That is not my intent. Far from it.


Questions for Calvinists – Part 1

Disclaimer: this post is not meant to put any believer down for his/her interpretation of the Bible. This is a result of searching God’s heart about John Calvin’s doctrine/teachings through Scripture and prayer over the course of two years. I decided to break this theme/issue into parts, this post being “Part 1.” The main intent of these posts is to provoke thought and discussion and to speak the truth and love – with gentleness and respect – towards my brothers and sisters who disagree. Above all, may God’s name be glorified!


“United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

I look at the divided America and it makes me sad.

I look at the divided Christian church and it makes me weep…

“United we stand, divided we fall,” turned into a motto of a utopian society, one that exists either in history books or the book of Acts in the Bible…

Ironically, many Christian believers today are more concerned with defending their political beliefs and belittling those who disagree with them than with being the light in the darkness.

“We won!” they scream. “Get over it!” they add, addressing their social media posts to those “libtards.”

All the while, pushing, no, kicking, those who need Jesus even further away…