Fifty Shades Of Evil

You may ask, Why am I writing about this if so much has already been written by Christian men and women in response to the infamous book and the movie which is supposed to hit the US theaters tomorrow? It is the same question I kept asking myself as I contemplated whether I should even write anything…

The last few days I couldn’t help noticing the renewed buzz around the Fifty Shades of Evil. Oy, it’s actually “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

I didn’t read the books myself and nor do I have any desire to read them. A few years ago when the books first became popular, I remember my curiosity about all the social talk surrounding the books, and decided to investigate if this is something that would interest me. After all, I love good books, and if everyone was talking about “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” it must be good, I thought.

The Amazon summary description of the book said it all. And now the movie is coming out. Just in time for Valentine’s Day…

Why is this garbage so popular? Why are women, of all people, so intrigued about reading a story that demeans and sexualizes women, and portrays the evil “hero” as a man worthy of any decent woman’s affection and love? Why?! What makes us want to read this trash from the pits of Hell itself? And why do we have so many Christian believers thinking there is nothing wrong with reading erotica or watching pornography?!

Would someone answer me why we, the Christian believers, are even in need of this discussion?!


There are many honorable writers, (at least ones in my opinion), who tackled these questions and issues. Matt Walsh wrote “To the women of America: 4 reasons to hate 50 shades of grey.” Yesterday I came across an amazing article written by a Christian woman blogger – “Christian Women and Christian Grey.”  While I wholeheartedly agree with these writers, I want to address this issue from a different perspective.

The original problem of the human heart. The original sin.

It seems to me that no matter what issues we, as Christian believers, get fired up about – whether it’s modesty, drugs and alcohol, adultery, or sexual immorality – we miss the crux of the problem: our sinful nature and where lies the allegiance of our heart.

You see, my dear friend, I can decorate the coffin and make it as beautiful as humanly possible, but what happens when I open the coffin? Unmistaken stench of rotten and decomposing flesh will still be in that externally beautiful coffin.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not by any means a perfect Christian. As a young woman I struggled with the sin of sexual immorality and its consequences. As a teenager I read romance novels full of steamy sex scenes. I learned to hide the sin well from my family, friends and other believers. Not well enough apparently. Recently, one of my sisters mentioned to me how she found those books under my bed a few times.

I grieve when I remember those years. Although most people in my church thought I was the perfect young Christian woman, I struggled with guilt and shame and not being able to resist the temptation. No doubt, God fully forgives a sincerely repentant sinner, but SIN ALWAYS BRINGS CONSEQUENCES.

Even after the Holy Spirit gave me victory over that sin, the enemy conveniently kept reminding me of it by bringing up memories of what I was reading for years. It became so repulsive and shameful to me that I struggled with the consequences of that sin even after getting married to a man who respected and loved me as Christ loves His church.

You see, I had to struggle as a newly married wife with enjoying the physical intimacy given to me and my husband by our Creator as a gift. Although I was done with the sin of sexual immorality and was repulsed by it, the devil would bring a memory and would try to bring back that guilt. I thought of sex as something dirty because the enemy kept reminding me of scenes from the books I used to read and of my guilt and shame…


Marriage is a beautiful union of two people. Physical intimacy within the sanctity of marriage – between two people who respect, honor, and love each other – is beautiful and pure. This is God’s gift to us when we get married! And the devil wants to destroy anything pure and holy, including innocent hearts of unmarried believers and consequently the marriages of those believers.

Today, thousands of marriages are being destroyed because wives cannot enjoy the pure and holy physical intimacy or because husbands have a distorted view of sexual pleasure.

Books and movies like “Fifty Shades Of Evil (Grey)” are the perfect weapons used by the enemy of our hearts and souls to destroy GOD’s IMAGE put into us the day we were created. Let us not give any more ground to the enemy! Let us stand up and fight the evil instead of embracing it!

I want to leave you with this video.

We start our lives with a blank slate. As children, we observe our parents and caregivers. How do our parents treat each other? What defines a “loving relationship?” Is physical abuse normal?

This video touches my heart on a deep level because in it I see innocent boys who observed real men and how these real men treated the women they love – with respect.

What do pornographic books and movies teach us? Only one lesson: that if we want to be happy we need to have the kind of a relationship described and defined in that book or movie… And that is a lie coming from the mouth of the greatest schemer and the most skillful deceiver of all time.

Dear young and unmarried women who can’t stop reading the steamy romance novels, I implore you to think about your heart and soul! What do you feed your soul with? Young men who are enslaved to watching pornography, stop and think about how you are allowing the enemy to wreak your heart and mind. Ask Jesus for forgiveness and for renewing of your mind and heart! And those Christians who came to a point where they believe there is nothing wrong with this type of book or this type of movie, ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate the dark corners of your heart, which have become resting places for the sin invisible to your eyes.


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7 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Of Evil

  1. Thank you for writing this and I thank god for letting me find it to read! I thought I was the only one who felt this way. The world and media sure make you feel that way.

    1. I believe it is important to talk about our struggles. I grew up in an environment where many subjects were taboo and they are still not discussed in many communities. Maybe the reasoning for this was/is that if we don’t talk about these things – “drugs, sex, doubts about one’s faith,” etc. – then maybe we will protect our children from those things. Not so…

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