Hebraic Roots Journey: Christmas And Easter

In my last post I wrote about how I was introduced to the Hebraic Roots Movement. Today, I want to continue describing in detail the journey to discovering the answer and finding the truth.

As I mentioned before, Christmas 2014 was a time when I came face to face with the HRM. I started conversing with a Facebook friend via private messaging, and she made references to several videos produced by various HRM ministries and followers.

One of those videos I shared on my Facebook wall. “Sunburned,” produced by 119 Ministries…

Caution alarms were firing off all over my brain. However, all of the presented information appeared so convincing!

By this time, I studied the church history on my own and found compelling evidence suggesting that the RCC (Roman Catholic Church), along with the Roman emperor Constantine, replaced biblical feasts (Leviticus 23) practiced by the early Christian church with the traditional holidays known as Christmas and Easter.


One could argue different points on whether the change was done for political or religious purposes, (or both), and there is also an element of “anti-Semitism.” I get it.

(I do recognize that the biblical feasts can greatly enrich a believer’s life and want to dedicate a separate post to the feasts and their significance to the Christian faith).

However, what I kept coming back to during my journey was this: The Christians around the world today who do celebrate Christmas in December and Easter in April do not worship pagan gods! They celebrate Jesus’ birth and his resurrection!

Secular people, on the other hand, celebrate Christmas and Easter without a thought of what these holidays mean. For them, it’s just family time.


But what about the believers in Jesus? Do we really put up a tree as an idol and worship the tree? We do not! It’s just a decoration piece.

As a matter of fact relevant to this discussion, last Christmas we did choose not to put up a tree in our house. Was there anything different about our spirit? No! We still had the joy in our hearts of celebrating Jesus’ birth with fellow believers who were celebrating all over the world!

Sure, there are many Christians who have let the busyness of the holiday season (gift-hunting, parties, etc) take priority in their hearts and they miss the true meaning of Christmas… But this is an entirely different issue, mainly that the enemy can use anything in our lives to get our focus away from the one we are celebrating – Jesus…

“Incline my heart to your testimonies, and not to selfish gain!” Psalm 119:36

Yes, Satan will use anything in our lives for his own purpose, if our hearts are not inclined to honor and worship the Lord above all… He knows our weaknesses and uses all weapons in his arsenal to get our attention off our Savior…

Sadly, what I have been seeing from the HRM believers is that the enemy uses their zeal for the Torah to take their focus away from what is really important – Jesus and his precious sacrifice…

Oh, but what about Jeremiah 10:3? Is it talking about a Christmas tree? No. Please, read the entire chapter in context. It talks about an idol being carved out from a tree. Can a Christmas tree be an idol? Sure it can. But for many believers it is nothing more than a holiday decoration. And if you feel convicted not to put up a tree, then by all means do not.

I think I’ve talked enough about Christmas. For more information you can read “Paganism – Where Should Christians Draw the Line?” and “Christ’s Birth – Why It’s Okay to Celebrate.”


More importantly, Scripture passages like Romans 14:1-23 and Colossians 2 come to mind

In the end, I go by what God’s Word teaches, and it is pretty clear about whether Christians can celebrate Christmas and Easter.

A sincere apology to my family and Facebook friends: Please, forgive me if I appeared judgmental in my zeal for pursuing the truth… I only hope that nothing I said to you took away your joy of celebrating Jesus’ birth last December… I was wrong.

I also want to stress another point: I love HRM believers. So many of them are sincere and passionate in their beliefs… And I also recognize that there are many HRM believers who are loving and nonjudgmental toward those believers who disagree.

Easter is coming… I am so joyful of my freedom in Christ to celebrate his resurrection every day and to have a special celebration with the entire church body – In April.

He Has Risen!


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5 thoughts on “Hebraic Roots Journey: Christmas And Easter

    1. “Therefore let no one pass judgment on you in questions of food and drink, or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath. These are a shadow of the things to come, but the substance belongs to Christ.” Colossians 2:16-17

  1. To say magical rituals that were to other gods are “just decoration” is misleading and not true. Scripture says over and over again not to put other gods in His face and to not do them (magical rituals to other gods) in His name.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Daniel. May I ask what “magical rituals” you are talking about? I am not doing any magical rituals with my family and do not know of any believers who do.

  2. Love this! Praise The Lord! I am repeating simple yet powerful words that saved David Wood from death: “Jesus or nothing! Jesus or nothing!”

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