Kent Hovind Is Not Your Savior. JESUS IS!

If you grew up in the Slavic community, the name “Doctor Dino” or “Kent Hovind” most likely is very familiar to you.

When I was a teenager, my parents acquired a VHS set of “Dr.” Kent Hovind’s seminars, perhaps in hopes that his lectures would provide a solid foundation of knowledge against the evolutionist teachings of the public school system.

Everyone and their mother knew of “Dr.” Kent Hovind. The VHS lectures were entertaining and fun to watch. Doctor Dino had a knack for humor. He had the ability to make us feel like Christians were the more intelligent species of the humankind. Anyone remember his $250,000 offer – a challenge to evolutionists to offer proof for evolution?

Hearing “Dr.” Kent Hovind repeatedly claim that no one ever took his challenge, made me feel good about my faith and belief in the literal Genesis creation story. It made me feel superior to all those godless scientists who really did not know what they were talking about.

My motto became, “I believe in the Big Bang – God said, BANG, and it happened.”

Armed with all the knowledge of Hovind’s seminars, I marched into the world of a secular college, followed by a secular university.

I cannot even call my first battle with evolutionists a battle. It was a battle already lost without any engagement on my part. I felt like a small David facing a towering giant. Only I didn’t even have any stones in my leather pouch… (I previously wrote about this story in the blog post “Radical Love: I Am Unto Death A Christian.”)

All the knowledge I gained from Hovind could not stand up to the difficult questions that seriously challenged my faith.

My faith crumbled despite being home-schooled through high school and despite my diligent learning all of “Dr. Dino’s” arguments against evolution.

But my Heavenly Father, kept pursuing me. Even after I denied His very existence…

Jesus was and is my Savior! Not “Dr.” Kent Hovind!

Ok, I get it, you may say…

That’s great you finally understood who your savior is.

Why rock the boat? Why now?

Well… Last year, according to Pensacola News Journal, Hovind was released from prison after serving 9 years out of his 10-year prison after being convicted for “failing to withhold employee income taxes and ‘structuring’ bank withdrawals to avoid reporting requirements.”

Throughout the court proceedings, sentencing, and the 9-year time in prison, Hovind continued to maintain his innocence claims. My purpose is not to argue whether his prison sentence was just or not. Peter J. Riley, a contributor to the Forbes Magazine does a good job of “Looking At Kent Hovind’s Innocence Claims.

However, Hovind is considered to be a martyr in many Christian circles. He capitalizes on this notion to continue making money off of gullible believers, who buy his “Creation Seminar” 18-hour long teachings on DVDs, hoping that his lectures and presentations will strengthen the young people’s faith.


A few weeks ago, some of my Facebook friends began promoting Hovind’s seminar that is actually taking place in Sacramento, CA as I am writing this post.

After finding out that one of my brothers is going to one of the seminar events this Sunday (tomorrow), I asked him if he knows anything about Doctor Dino’s background and if he trusts his credibility.

I only wanted to hear his opinion, as I was looking for an insight to why people continue to hold him in such high regard. After I sent him this link, asking his thoughts on it, his response was the following:

I respect your opinion, but no one is perfect. I’m sure if I did some digging, I could find some skeletons in the closets of some people you follow.

I do not follow people.

I follow Jesus.

May I share the truth with you? Doctor Dino’s teachings did not strengthen my faith.

In fact, once I began to exercise my critical thinking, I quickly realized that he uses a lot of humor, condescending and/or demeaning language towards evolutionists, and a river of visual aides to conceal his poor arguments.

I am not the only one who presently considers his arguments weak at best and humorous at their worst.

Here is one example of what one young woman wrote anonymously, asking for any advice or help in her journey to finding answers to life’s tough questions.

“I watched all of Kent Hovind’s videos, but I can’t trust him because most of his information is fake. I believed him for so long and used his videos to prove my point for very long, but it was Kent Hovind who first made me doubt my faith and creation, because when i actually researched the pictures he used to prove point, they were just photoshopped pictures of the internet. The arguments he used weren’t honest, and even the creationists who are for the Bible and the most respected christian organizations are embarased of him and said that they want nothing to do with his arguments because they aren’t true. So when this man who I trusted so much was proved to be a liar and making stuff up, I became really depressed and started doubting everything. I’ve been reading everything by the Answers In Genesis who rebuked Kent Hovind’s arguments, but when studying evolution it’s still not making sense. Do you know anyone besides Kent Hovind, because I can’t trust that man. Kent Hovind sounds good until you fact check him, and then I cried and was depressed for months, because I was so devastated about him.”

May I also note what Yuriy Stasyuk, a well-known atheist-from-Christianity-blogger, wrote about his journey to rejecting “young earth creationism?”

Yuriy begins a post by letting his readers know that at 13 years of age, his fascination with the creationism debate began after Kent Hovind came to his church. “… I loved his presentation, I even went and shook his hand afterwards, ever so proudly,” he writes. His journey continued to debating evolutionists online to… well, you can read his blog post to find out.

Please, keep searching for the truth, Yuriy…

Again, you may ask: Why are you rocking this boat?

Honestly, I didn’t have any intention to write this post. That is until I decided to watch last night’s live feed of Hovind’s seminar.

I wanted to see a changed man. Perhaps, changed for the better by his “unjustly” served time in prison?

He did have a lot of time to reflect on things and pray, I thought. Just give him a chance.

I was greatly disappointed.

Not even 10 minutes went by before he threw a sales pitch for his $50 DVD set.

Several times throughout the lecture, Hovind referred to his DVDs. “I talk about this in DVD #4” and “I talk about this further in DVD #8,” and so on.

Well, I thought, the man needs to live and make money. That’s fine.

What was more disturbing to me was the way he flaunted his “scientific credibility” several times, making points such as “I taught for 15 years science and mathematics” and “I love science!”

You may have noticed my usage of quotation marks before and after his title of “Dr.” Of interest to you may be his 102 page Ph.D dissertation paper he wrote with an introduction of “Hello, My name is Kent Hovind.” Or you may also choose to read THIS critical analysis of Kent Hovind’s “Doctoral Dissertation” to get a better idea of why so many do not consider him to be the credible science authority figure he so vehemently tries to portray.

(It is of worth noting that while watching Hovind’s seminar today, “Doctor” took out his latest book “What On Earth Is About To Happen…For Heaven’s Sake?” and said, “this is my doctoral dissertation that I wrote while I was in prison.” I appreciate your attempt at improving your dissertation, but there is no option for a do-over… And to mislead people this way is appalling.)

However, even this did not bother me as much as the following. As I watched Hovind talk for just a little over an hour last night, I couldn’t help but notice his all-too familiar condescending tone towards “those scientists” and his constant elevation of self.

This is what I heard him say,

I debated in over 100 debates in different universities and I always win the debates in the first 5 minutes… Buy my DVDs, where I have a debate with two professors much smarter than I… I beat the professors much smarter than I.”

The message is clear: buy Hovind’s DVDs. He even gave a final reminder to the audience at the very end, making sure everyone saw “the guy with the cowboy hat from Texas” who would be behind the table selling DVDs… I couldn’t help but notice a clearly distinctive contrast between a loving and respectful attitude of Dr. Ravi Zacharias as he takes part in debates and lectures in the most respectable universities around the world…

What further disturbed and burdened me even more, was when one of the pastors came out to do an altar call.

A very long but beautiful song (“Just As I Am”) was sung, and the pastor started to make appeals to people to repent – the usual play on emotions.

And this was done after a lecture on creationism. Although Hovind did talk about how “people always wanted to be like God,” there was no mention about Jesus or His precious sacrifice…

Hovind simply shared about how he was led to say a sinner’s prayer by his friend very many years ago, and he used the same (or similar) prayer to lead those who wanted to avoid going to hell.

If this is the man who is expected to train and teach our young people to stand in faith, then we are in deep, deep trouble… Because his answer to how we can reconcile some of the contradictions in the Bible is that God must have put those contradictions in there to “weed out” the atheists:

At the very end, another pastor walked on the stage and what he said was even more disturbing to me. The pastor said that this seminar was planned by many pastors in the region coming together to invite Kent Hovind “because of a big problem in our area.”

I can only assume that the problem they mention is the big number of young people leaving churches and the Christian faith after they no longer cannot reconcile the Bible with what they are being taught at schools.

And the savior is Kent Hovind?

If you are desperately trying to find a man who would teach the young people to reason and defend their faith, at least guide them to credible apologists like Ravi Zacharias and his team and many others…

Yet again we failed to realize where the root of the problem is.

It is us.

Our pride.

Our sin.

And we need Jesus…

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9 thoughts on “Kent Hovind Is Not Your Savior. JESUS IS!

  1. I had the same experience, more or less. I used to be one hell of a Kent Hovind fan. Then last year happened.

    A friend of mine who studies politics with me, but had philosophy as an elective, became an atheist for two reasons: Nietzsche and evolution.

    I knew he was going through this, but I thought it was the philosophy part that troubled him. When he gave me all the evolutionary reasons he had I could not answer a single one. At the time I still liked Hovind a lot, but I was greatly disappointed to see him channel out the same information which is now more than 10 years old, so I dared not use the information I got from him to answer my friend.

    This was followed by Hovind’s remarriage, which caused a significant schism in my Facebook group. “Alright”, I thought, “at least he thinks he is doing right”. After this I read an interesting article on how Hovind, in fact, was already divorced from his wife for years: his true spouse was his ministry. An interesting take which made me think.

    Through this now atheist friend of mine, ironically, I discovered William Lane Craig and eventually all the modern apologists including Ravi Zacharias (whose autobiography I am reading at the moment). Yet, when I searched on YouTube for “Kent Hovind” and “William Lane Craig” (or Lennox, Licona, etc) I discovered that Kent never knew any of them! How the devil does he not know them! At least he likes Zacharias, so I’ll give him that. But this just showed me to what extent he has been living in a bubble.

    All this time he made out as if the big bang is fake because if it is true, it denies God. Yet here comes Craig and USES the big bang in his argument FOR God’s existence. I was stunned.

    The final nail in the coffin, especially as a then second year student, was his so called thesis which is too embarrassing to dismiss.

    For a while I thought that prison changed him. That at least he was “okay” before prison. After reading the thesis I realised that he has always been this way. What a disappointment.

    1. Indeed. What a disappointment…

      But I am happy to hear stories like yours. Your disappointment wasn’t bigger than your faith and you searched for other credible apologists. Many either choose to remain blind to who Kent Hovind really is and defend him at any cost, or lose their faith because of the great Hovind disappointment. The latter just show that their faith was based more on Kent Hovind’s irrational, egoistic, “dinosaur era” arguments…

      Ravi Zacharias and his entire team at RZIM are excellent. If you have an opportunity, get some of his books, like “Jesus Among Other Gods,” “The End Of Reason” (a response to Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation), “Can Man Live Without God,” “Who Made God?” and “Beyond Opinion.”

      Recently I also came across lectures by James Tour, who is one of the world’s leading scientist in nanoscience. You may find his lecture on “Origin Of Life” fascinating:
      God bless you! Just keep praying for your friend and keep loving him like Jesus does.

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  3. Aaaand another slandering of one of God’s men.

    Kent Hovind is not our savior? Wow, this is big news to me! 
    I didn’t even know people were looking to him as if he were a savior.

    Tanya, your parents should have instilled Gods truth and fear into you directly from His word instead of giving you a “foundation of faith” based on Dr. Kent Hovind’s creation series.
    I don’t see why you are bad talking  Kent for you loosing battles on evolution in secular schools. You say your “faith crumbled despite of being home-schooled…” ? Surely now, as an adult, you still don’t believe that being home-schooled and watching certain lectures will provide a child with a solid and unshakable faith in God throughout their life??    No no and NO

    You say you had no intention of writing this post…. oh, but you did! I am almost positive  you thrive on writting this kind of stuff, being encouraged by your husband no doubt. Knowing how he loves to dig up all kinds of dirt about people (that you may call facts) and enjoy watching their good name be dishonored.

    When you write about people, it is highly unlikely you first come up to their face and confront them as scripture calls us to do? You are so quick to attack them on the Internet. Do you really think you are doing God’s work ?

    You have a very critical spirit and are spreading strife, discord and division among believers… these things are of the devil.
    Sad that you said NOT ONE WORD about the topic and the actual content of Dr. Kent Hovind’s seminar from last night or today. The topic he is discussing is of such importance these days and you are talking about “sales pitches”. What a shame. You should actually listen to all of it, it’s pretty good. And Dr. Hovind may even make you question all those Left Behind book series you read growing up.

    Hard to understand how a mother of three has this much time to engage in slanderous hogwash of God’s ministers. And I would urge people to ask God for discernment when reading posts like yours instead of mindlessly nodding in agreement. Some, without ever even hearing the guy!

    1 Peter 2:1
    Exodus 23:1
    2 Timothy 3:1-5

    1. Hi Rufina,

      I am truly sorry that you did not understand the point of this post.
      So, in the next few paragraphs I will try my best to make the point clear.

      The title of this post ties in with the entire point of the article. I was watching the seminar on Friday night and one of the pastors did say that many church leaders in the area gathered together because of a problem in our area. It is my assumption that the problem they are talking about is young people leaving our churches and rejecting the Christian faith. (I may be wrong with my assumption.) He further stated that they invited Kent Hovind for the seminar to address this problem. So, in essence Kent Hovind was seen as the solution to this problem.

      Now I see nothing wrong with inviting speakers and holding seminars. We should be equipping our children with abilities to defend our faith in this world. But there are good weapons, there are weak ones, and there are also the weapons that appear powerful but when you use them, you find that they are not as powerful as you had thought them to be and sometimes even with no power at all. I found Hovind’s stash of weapons to be in the last category.

      Since I was born my parents did their best to instill God’s Word, His truth and the fear of God in me. In addition to this, Kent Hovind’s teachings were used to equip us for discussions with evolutionists as we go into the world. Isn’t that why most other parents get his teachings? Isn’t that how he always promoted his Creation Seminar Series? Doesn’t he promote this seminar and homeschooling as weapons that equip the children to defend their faith as they go into the world and face the godless atheists?

      I don’t blame Hovind for losing my battles. God was teaching me very good lessons through those losses. One of those lessons was that before you take someone’s word as fact (at any discipline whether it’s science, mathematics, or literature) you should first check the credibility (expertise) of the person who is teaching you those facts and it would also do you good to cross-check those facts…

      Kent Hovind misrepresents his credibility and misrepresents facts. Sure, some of his facts are accurate. However, a broken clock is accurate twice in a 24-hour period. That is why I appeal to church leaders to at least invite some credible speakers, those who have the knowledge and the expertise to talk about the subject matter. Kent Hovind is not an expert or a credible source on science.

      As to your comment that I “thrive on writing this kind of stuff, being encouraged by your husband no doubt,” my writing is a result of a burden that is on my heart. This burden is for the young people who leave our churches and who reject Christianity because they become derailed. There are many factors that contribute to their derailment. Some can chalk it all up to “they were never predestined or chosen or they were never one of us.” But some of the big reasons are that young people do not see real faith and real Jesus in us. They see hypocrisy, politics, love of money, pride, anger, jealousy, backstabbing, pastors living in unrepentant sin, religion being used as a means to power over people, etc. Another big reason is not having a good defense for our faith. Hovind’s teachings are not a good/credible source in creationism vs evolution debates. So yes, I was embarrassed using some of his arguments and there are many other young people who become embarrassed. It is only by God’s grace that He continued to pursue me despite me rejecting His existence. The debates I had with some of my college friends were not limited to creation vs evolution. I also struggled with other tough questions. If you would read some of the other posts, you would know that and, hopefully, you would see the real reason for why I write what I write…

      My husband’s role in this blog is that he reads it and he edits it for grammar. Everything I wrote so far has been my own words. I want to say it was solely the work of the Holy Spirit (because it was) but I am afraid you will take that and twist it too, saying “oh, now who does she think she is thinking that God speaks through her!” So, again, my husband is my rock (well, besides Jesus that is). Without him I would be in much more trouble, because I am very passionate about many of the issues I address in this blog.

      As to your claim that I didn’t say “NOT ONE WORD” about the seminar topic… I did write the post after watching the Friday night message. I was not planning on writing anything until that night. That is the truth and you can either take it or leave it. Yes, much of what I wrote was based on the seminar that took place Friday night. After posting this post, my husband and I did watch most of the live feed on Saturday from 10am-4pm and the 6pm as well.

      So much of what Hovind was talking about reminded me of what I read in Joel Richardson’s books. And then Hovind mentioned Richardson… I wonder if the dissertation Hovind is promoting right now is just plagiarism from Richardson’s material. A doctoral dissertation should always be doctoral candidate’s original work. It seems to me that the theory Hovind presents in his end-time teachings is not his original work. I may of course be wrong as I did not read Hovind’s book. And since you mentioned the Left Behind books, yes, I did read all of them. So did millions of people. Millions of people read the Bible too but those who are “doers of the word and not hearers only” (James 1:22)are the true believers. Just because I read the Left Behind books does not automatically mean that I hold the pre-tribulation rapture view. Moreover, my view on the end-times has nothing to do with Hovind’s credibility as a science teacher or a Bible teacher. But I did listen to his end-time teachings and discern them as false, because he is date-setting, saying that in his opinion Jesus is coming back in 2028. Granted he did say, “I may be wrong” but he also went into this mathematical formula he used to calculate the date. My question is then this one: If Jesus is coming in 2028, and we have so little time left, why is his official website gathering donations for building a dinosaur adventure land?
      Per the site, they need $300,000 to start building the dinasour adventure land. To start building. Why build a dinosaur land if Jesus is coming??? Why not use what little time remains to use our funds, resources, gifts, and abilities to help the poor, to set the captives free, to preach the simple Gospel to the lost? Instead Hovind wants to build a dinosaur land…

      And finally, I am also amazed at how I, a mother of three, find the time to write after my kids are tucked into their beds at night… Only by God’s grace I am able to do this and will continue to do what He calls me to do…

      Love and blessings to you, Rufina. (And I say this sincerely without any hint of sarcasm or whatever else you may perceive it to be). ?

    2. Wow. Bravo. This is what i was thinking but you summarized it in a better way. I refuse to visit this blog .. maybe someone is trying to make money?!

  4. Kent Hovind always preaches Jesus. There is no reason for anyone to think he is a savior or receive him as a savior. That is a foolish assertion. He has much more to tell and to learn from than you’d weekly hear from the pulpit anyway. Putting facts together for people to understand Genesis is no wrongdoing. The problem is when people type up a matter online what they call ‘do research’ and come across a page that says it is photoshopped or ‘ everything Hovind says is a lie’, they automatically believe it – because their ‘research’ is so credible. :/ He has done a great job in adding colors to understanding Genesis.

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