Never Be The Same Again

I remember the day a decision was made to start this blog…

In the weeks and months leading up to this day, I had a pressing burden to share Jesus with the world. With all my heart, I wanted to shout from the rooftops about what He had done for me, how He renewed and transformed me.

Since I loved writing, and since writing is the best way I can express myself, (I was never good at eloquently expressing my thoughts orally), I felt that a blog would be a good way to start sharing about what the Lord has been doing in my life.

Above all, I prayed that God would use this platform in however He pleases, and that He would take it to whoever needed to read it.

I was following a few very popular Christian blogs at the time, some that had thousands of followers. I still follow these blogs and it brings me great joy to see the Lord working in the hearts of millions of people across the world through bloggers such as Becky Thompson and Ann Voskamp.

My biggest fear was letting pride get into my heart…

Fervently I prayed that I would not fall into the enemy’s snare to seek popularity or a big following.

I am not saying that the above bloggers seek popularity or that they have pride issues. This prayer was for my own heart…

More than anything I desired to glorify and honor the Lord with my life and with everything I do, including with this blog.

And so, I prayed that the Holy Spirit would guide my writing, so that I would seek to write not on popular social topics that stir up controversy, (there are plenty of bloggers who already do this), but to write what He wants me to write.

This brings me to the main reason for writing this particular post.

I knew the Lord wanted me to share about the amazing work He has been doing in my heart. I knew He wanted me to share about how He had renewed me and transformed me.

As I searched His heart about the name, I thought about several blog names and jotted them down.

However, as I filled out the domain registration form, all of these names were already taken by other sites.

Then I thought, Since the purpose of this blog is to share about God’s work in my life and how He renewed and transformed me, what about a name that has both “renewed” and “transformed” in it?

That is how “Renewed and Transformed” was created.

What I didn’t realize at the time is the prophetic significance of this name…

I thought that I was already “renewed and transformed.” I thought I was only going to share about my past life and the radical changes Jesus brought into my new life after I gave my life to Him.

However, God had much bigger plans… I praise His holy name!!!

The prophetic significance of the blog name dawned on me just a few days ago.

Some of you know the story about the shattering revelation of the Holy Spirit that my cessationist beliefs were not Scriptural.

Since then, I’ve been on a journey of discovering more of God and more of what He desires of me.

It has been an uncomfortable and sometimes tumultuous journey to say the least, as I wrestled with deep-rooted theological positions and beliefs.

There were times when I wanted to give up altogether, exhausted from all the confusion. There were also times I wanted to just go back to the comfortable place I was in as a cessationist.

Friends and family posed questions such as “What about those charismatics that are backslidden (plainly living in sin) but still speak in tongues?” “You can’t possibly think ‘holy laughter’ is the work of the Holy Spirit?” “What about the ‘prosperity’ Gospel?” “Is it God’s will to heal everybody?”

I wrestled with these questions and more…

Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit kept renewing me and transforming me…

But the most profound process of renewal and transformation came when I started to see my real identity in Christ. This was even more shattering and life-changing than the revelation on the cessationism vs continuationism!

At the time I am writing this post, I am in complete surrender to the authority of the Holy Spirit in my heart and life.

He called me to go with Him on this journey and I answered the call.

He stirred within me an insatiable desire to know God more, to love like He loves, and to serve others like He served.

I will never be the same again…

Like a plant that rises from a seed that had to die after being buried into the ground. Like a plant that springs forth towards the sun, never staying the same but changing and growing and flowering and bringing fruit. So let my life and heart be – forever focused on Jesus, the perfect example of what my life should be.

Are you also being called to get out of a stagnant and comfortable Christian life you have always known?

I pray that you answer this call. I pray that you will answer with complete abandon.

Good news is: The Holy Spirit will always be there to guide you, to strengthen you, to comfort you in time of need, and to help you live out that calling.

Keep growing.

Bring forth fruit.

Never be the same again.

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