“Pagan Holidays?” How I Was Introduced To The Hebraic Roots Movement

The busy months of November-January are well behind us. Christmas, when many believers around the world celebrate Jesus’ birth, (some will say “that pagan holiday”), is long gone.

Holiday décor is put away for next holiday season, (unless you belong in the procrastinators group as I do – I still have Christmas theme flowers stuck in a vase on top of one hard-to-reach shelf).

We are rushing into the month of March.


I love spring… The spring season brings a feeling of renewal and awakening. Trees are either starting to bud or are fully blossoming… vibrantly colored flowers in the garden… the chirping sounds of happy birds rushing to build their family nests… longer days… (and, in northern California, the pesky mosquitoes are back).

Easter, (or another “pagan holiday” as some will call it) is coming…

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Wait… Christmas and Easter are “pagan?”

You may be one of those people who is hearing this for the first time. If that’s the case, you can either skip over this post or read it for general knowledge, especially if you are a passionate believer in Jesus. Because, trust me, at some point you will come across believers in Yeshua/Jesus, who will use every possible tactic in their skill bank to try and convince you of this idea…

AND they use this as a stepping stone to the HRM. You can learn more about this movement at joyfullygrowingingrace.wordpress.com (JGIG). The writer of JGIG has done her research, and her extensive and detailed articles reflect hours of Bible study and research.

I found this blog after receiving a clear answer from the Lord that HRM is a false doctrine and a very deceptive one at that. It is an extremely deceptive movement because one cannot see the obvious false teachings right away.

The HRM teachers do an amazing job at gradually changing a believer’s definition of terms and using salesmanship persuasion tactics to convince a believer that he or she needs to follow the Mosaic Law (or as they prefer to call it, the instructions or the Torah).

And they use Christmas and Easter to promote their cause…

“Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings” 1 Timothy 4:1

Wow… Last year’s holiday season was an interesting year for sure. Much searching, internal turmoil, fasting and praying…

However, it was also a year of a huge spiritual growth and I wouldn’t change anything about that!

Let me track back a little and fill you in on the details.

Some of you may remember some of my wall posts on my Facebook page. Yes, the ones about Christmas and Easter being pagan holidays…

Those posts came a little after I was introduced to HRM. At the time, I didn’t even know what HRM was. I was just a passionate believer in Jesus with a passion for Israel and the Jewish people.

My passion is to honor and worship the Lord above all. However, twisted this sounds, the HRM preys on believers – whether intentionally or unintentionally – who have this kind of passion. The minute I heard phrases like “Passion For Truth” and “Test Everything,” they had my interest and my attention…

“I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16

I was introduced to a 2-part video produced by 119 Ministries that does a good job of convincing the viewer that all these years we have been deceived, that we have been celebrating pagan holidays and, that God – or they prefer to say YHVH (or many other variations of the name) –  is not happy with this…

I was so disturbed by this video and the flood of information, that I was begging the Lord to forgive me for “partaking in pagan festivities and for grieving Him.”

Although I am even a more passionate believer in Jesus today – and still an ardent supporter of Israel – I have a desire to expose the false teachings of the HRM and its associated ministries. I feel that not enough attention is given to this movement because its presence is heavy on Facebook and also because no one wants to be called “anti-Semitic.”

There are a number of HRM-associated ministries with large numbers of followers on Facebook. I have no desire to mention all of their names but will only say that I am not following them anymore.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I pray about each and every post. Praying about writing a series of the HRM-related posts, my only desires were: To speak words of truth as taught by the Holy Spirit, to be sincere and honest about my own weakness, and most of all, to speak with love and humility.

The last desire is extremely important, I believe, as I have been a witness to many conversations, where sincere HRM believers were speaking with contempt, sarcasm, and “I’m better than you” attitude.

So, please, let me explain in a little more detail (in a series of future posts) of how I came to know the truth and why I believe the HRM is false teaching.

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4 thoughts on ““Pagan Holidays?” How I Was Introduced To The Hebraic Roots Movement

  1. Tanush, I’m right with you on the sneakiness and very sly mission of HRM of targeting Christians. First time I was introduced to it was on Halloween last year. I watched a lengthy sermon on how this pagan holiday came about and I was entranced by the speaker. He grabbed my attention and I started doing my research. I was frantically swallowing as much information as I could about it but a few things also sounded alarms such as “you’ve been believing all wrong,” “how to find your true identity in Christ”, “we have the truth” and so forth. I was quite troubled by all this because it was so close to home and yet….quite radical, legalistic, and far from the true saving grace of Christ. I can see why apostle Paul was so frustrated with some of the new churches and false teachings, they were going through similar things!

    1. Wow… After being convinced of the truth, by the grace of God, it never ceases to amaze me how deceptive they are…
      What God has been teaching me more and more is how important it is to study his Word.
      Perhaps the only reason I didn’t get fully sucked in is because I had many verses in my knowledge bank, serving as warning signs that something is not quite right… Although they also do a good job of sowing doubt into what those verses “really mean.” As in “you don’t understand them right and we do.”
      Sigh… More on that in a future post.

  2. Praise God! Despite our love for you, we were saddened by the fact that you started identifying Christmas and Easter as ‘pagan holidays’. We were attentively reading your posts and watching videos… However, we had internal peace and confirmation from Holy Spirit that we continue celebrating the birth and resurrection of Jesus. I respect that you openly admitted changing your opinion about HRM. May we all be ready to meet Jesus. Rapture is coming soon!

    1. Thankful that He guided me through it all and so, so very thankful for my family’s love, patience, support, and prayers! Love you guys… May we stand up and pray for the lost, witness to the lost, and shine Christ’s love to the world. Time is short. Maranatha!

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