Church Culture

7 Ways The Slavic Churches Are Turning Young People Away

The natural human response to any problem is to look outside of ourselves for answers to our problems. Having anger issues? It’s the fault of those who are driving you […]


My Heart’s Cry

I reconnected to a dear friend of mine a few days ago. As we shared our hearts to each other, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit that I have […]


“United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

I look at the divided America and it makes me sad.

I look at the divided Christian church and it makes me weep…

“United we stand, divided we fall,” turned into a motto of a utopian society, one that exists either in history books or the book of Acts in the Bible…

Ironically, many Christian believers today are more concerned with defending their political beliefs and belittling those who disagree with them than with being the light in the darkness.

“We won!” they scream. “Get over it!” they add, addressing their social media posts to those “libtards.”

All the while, pushing, no, kicking, those who need Jesus even further away…


2017 – A Year Of Renewed Purpose

I must have written at least 10 different starting paragraphs for this blog post.

Each sentence was carefully thought out.

Each sentence lost its importance as soon as it made its way onto the screen.

There is some significance to me disclosing to you the painstaking process of writing this particular post, so, please, bear with me…


To Christians On Social Media

Hello Christian,

Yes, you.

The one who carries the name since birth or since the day you gave your life to Jesus.

Forgive me if this letter brings you an unpleasant taste into your mouth or if it slightly jostles your presently comfortable life.

Forgive me if, after reading this letter, you find that the few minutes you took out of your life to read this are a waste of your precious time…


How A Culture Of Shame Puts Us In Bondage And How We Can Find Freedom From Shame

After disclosing the fact that I was sexually abused as a child, I have received a variety of responses – many of them encouraging and a few that were clearly representative of a culture of shame that I grew up in…